Thursday, February 9, 2017

Reflection Questions


I'd like to say that I knew a bit about this class since I had taken the first one and learned some from there before, though I did not know what we'd be doing or anything about film.

This class had a looser criteria when it came to what was needed from the assignments, which was very nice. As I've looked through my blog, I've noticed that I am still taking similar photographs when I wasn't trying to rush it for a due date.

As a young photographer, I know that I need to keep learning and that with everything, there's always room for improvement. I quite like most of my work from this year rather than last year. I think that I have gotten better with making photos visually appealing rather than just a picture. I believe that I now know how to properly set a mood or give off a feeling with my photos with the right combinations of lighting, contrast, color scheme, etc, but mostly those key three.


I really enjoyed my work this year. Film was particularly fun. This year, the main difference was that I didn't rush every project, though there were less, which helped a lot. Most photos from this year's class were actually just of places and things I stumbled upon and later made them work for the projects. Though I wasn't really supposed to do this, I feel that it had made my works far better compared to last year where we had less freedom with our assignments.

The most frustrating part with this class was when film didn't turn out whether that be from incorrect settings when taking the picture for making negatives. Having either a black or blank roll of negatives is really sad, to be honest. Of course I also got frustrated when I had taken digital photos that I thought were really good until once blown up, they were blurry or unfocused.

This year, I primarily learned to always keep some sort of camera on me for when I see something that would make a great picture but regret not being able to capture. That was also something frustrating for me. My mom and other relatives say that I always have "my artist's eye" wherever I go, which I don't entirely understand. Though, now I look around to my surroundings to see if anything in particular stands out rather than look to the ground.


I tried to make my work truly my own this year, which was a little difficult but overall worth it and better rather than had mimicking other photographers. Though, I will admit that I've found a few that inspire me.

I'd say that I'm still an amateur photographer though I have greatly improved from last year, in my own opinion. Letter grade wise, if last years photos were being graded with this year's, I'd say I went from a D to a B-. I do enjoy a lot of my photography but I am still trying to learn how to improve it.

I'd like to say my works have completed the goal for this years class. Though a bit simplistic, my honest overall goal was to just become a better photographer and find the qualities that make a picture visually appealing. I think I've improved strongly from last year, though as I said, I really do want to get better even if I'm no longer going to be in one of the school's photography class.


Something I'd change out of some projects this year, would just be to redo some of them. Like last year, I did have to rush a few in order to meet the deadline. I don't like a lot of the photos from assignments and I'm sure that someone who know's nothing about photography could point out and agree with the ones that looked rushed.

As I have been saying, I primarily want to continue focusing on what makes pictures visually appealing. It's agreeably difficult to find out on your own let alone try to cooperate your pictures with those qualities correctly. Though, I believe I've been doing a decent job. I want to continue learning for my sake.

Something I'd like of future classes is analyzing pictures and what makes them so visually appealing, rather than the message the photographer is trying to give, techniques with photoshop, etc. This has been a very creative class yes, though I'd like to see the less technical side of photography and the more creative side. I'd like to learn how to become creative as an artist rather how to do things other artists have done on their own. But overall, I did really enjoy this class and have learned many things from it.